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Decades of experience defending clients 
affected by the investigations 
of the competition authorities
Specialists in regulated contracts. Pioneers in civil litigation related 
to competition law infringements.
Experts in the regulation of the 
management of hazardous waste.
Advisers on foreign 
investment control.
Recognised experts 
in agri-food sector 
Trustworthy advisers in 
compliance and internal investigations.
Specialists in judicial review actions and administrative 
appeals against public procurement awards.

Decades of experience 
defending clients affected 
by the investigations 
of the competition 
Specialists in regulated 
Pioneers in civil litigation 
related to competition 
law infringements.
Experts in the regulation 
of the management 
of hazardous waste.
Advisers on foreign 
investment control.
Recognised experts in 
agri-food sector 
Trustworthy advisers in 
compliance and 
internal investigations.
Specialists in judicial 
review actions and 
 against public 
procurement awards.

Economic activities are becoming increasingly intensely regulated. The vast majority of the actions and relationships of market operators are subject to general or sector-specific regulation. Ignorance of the law leads to unintended consequences and gives rise to legal disputes.

There are myriad connections between the different facets of public regulation: competition law as a form of transversal public intervention, the substantive law applicable to regulated sectors, the administrative procedure regime, regulated contracts and, ultimately, the judicial process.

We are specialists in competition law, regulation and litigation and we focus on advising and assisting our clients with respect to the challenges that they face due to the economic regulation of their activity.